Techne: о компании

О компании

The techne story
Techne has been a leader in the food and industrial-packaging market since 1985, specializing in manufacturing extrusion blow-moulding machines.
The company has always prided itself on its mastery of the mechanical technology and concepts required to manufacture high-quality EBM machines – from extrusion screws to extrusion heads, operating software and blow moulds.
In 2007, Techne unveiled its first ADVANCE machine, with a fully electric motion control system, a leap forward from the old hydraulic technology.

Techne plastic bottle machines are used:

To prepare liquid foods, with aseptic products such as milk, fruit juices, tomato sauces and sports drinks, as well as pasteurized products like yoghurt;
For industrial applications, to produce lubricants, agrochemicals, hazardous goods, household products, and items for personal hygiene and personal care.
In 2017, Simoparma in partnership with Oswaldo Cisneros acquired TECHNE.