Bea Technologies: о компании

Bea Technologies is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of filter cartridges, equipment and systems. Our filters are used with confidence and satisfaction by customers worldwide in pharmaceuticals, food & beverage and many other demanding industries.


Our clean rooms are rated from class 100,000 down to class 100, and we comply with GMP guidelines for manufacturing sterile filters for biological applications. We non-destructively integrity test all membrane filter cartridges that are manufactured for sensitive applications requiring absolute bacterial retention, such as pharmaceuticals and food & beverage.

We have the in-house capability to test filters for performance efficiency by laser particle counter, to conduct bacterial challenge testing and to integrity test by a range of integrity test methods.


Bea Technologies extensive experience and design capabilities enable us to manufacture customer specific filter equipment and systems.

We make use of our extensive CAD library to offer our customers a fast and cost effective custom design service.

Bea Technologies is a CE and PED certified manufacturer.