Dettin S.p.A: технологии
Dettin S.p.A: технологии
Dettin S.p.A: технологии

About company

Dettin S.p.A., founded and still based in Schio (Vicenza), Italy, currently occupies a total area of around 9,000 square metres; this highly specialised company in terms of the products it manufactures has developed into two major manufacturing divisions, thanks to its long experience and specialisation in machining stainless steel.

Part of the company manufactures boiler-associated products for the construction of pressurised apparatus for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and paper industries.

The other division is involved in the construction of machines and installations for the textile industry, in particular, for the dyed package yarns and dyed bumps sector.

At the moment the workforce at Dettin SpA is composed of 50 employees, the breakdown of which is given below:
No.1 Cheiv man
No. 2 Quality Department
No. 6 Technical/Design Office
No. 5 Marketing Department
No. 36 Production

The Company’s operating system has proven to be successful over the years thanks to the flexibility and versatility with which the Company works to meet the specific requirements of its customers, as well as by employing highly specialised staff. Its other strong points are its delivery on time of orders and its consistently efficient after-sales service.

Dettin SpA is present all over the world with its own products and 75% of its production goes for export.