Integration in terms of the noosphere vision


Eco-Technics Consulting Ltd. was founded in 1992 and acts as an integrator of engineering, process and material resources and services aimed at promotion and implementation of modern optimal processes regarding industrial ecology.

As part of its activities, our company represents a number of foreign companies that are leading engineering companies and manufacturers of industrial equipment in the oil and gas, petrochemical and energy sectors and are interested in cooperation with the CIS countries.

Optimization of the economy and technology, as well as protection and development of environmental facilities require conceptual programs of integrated and system management. The idea behind our activity is to make a modest contribution to the accomplishment of enterprise programs for the implementation of modern technologies, equipment, environmental management systems (EMS), the formation, use and development of human capital assets, as well as the development of a company culture focused on moral values, environmental protection, human ecology, achievement of the company goals and a positive contribution to the economy.

The main directions of our activities are: provision of consulting services; preparation and support of direct contracts between our foreign partners – process developers, process equipment manufacturers and buyers in the CIS countries; monitoring, production and supply of process equipment; organization of training and advisory workshops.

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Strategic corporate clients

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