“… The biosphere, under the influence of scientific and industrial developments, is gradually moving into a new state – the sphere of the mind, or the noosphere. The key aspect in the development of this state of the biosphere should include rational (reasonable) human activity and the harmonious interaction of nature and society. This is possible only when taking into account the close relationship of the laws of nature with the laws of thought and socio-economic laws … “

“General concept of the biosphere”, V. Vernadsky
Noosphere (from the Greek. νόος —  mind and σφαῖρα — sphere, literally – “the sphere of the mind”) is the sphere of interaction between society and nature, within the boundaries of which rational human activity becomes a determining factor in development (this sphere is also denoted by the term “anthroposphere”).

Noosphere — The noosphere is a supposedly new and highest stage in the evolution of the biosphere, the formation of which is associated with the development of society, which has a profound effect on natural processes. According to  V. I. Vernadsky, “in the biosphere, there is a great geological, even cosmic power, the planetary action of which is usually not taken into account in the ideas of outer space… This power is the reason (mind) of man, his aspired and organized will as a social being.” .
Ноосфера Вернадского