Finder Pompe: о компании

О компании

Finder Pompe, originally established as Pompe Vergani, has gone through substantial changes in its over sixty years’ life. In fact, from a small company operating in the heating and conditioning field, Finder Pompe has become one of the most interesting and dynamic companies onto the Italian market, capable of providing engineered solutions to the Oil&Gas, petrochemical, power generation and industrial fields.

The current range of products and services is due to both the developments of new products, carried out internally, and to various merging that took place over the years, such as FBM Industrie, Centra Vacuum Technology and, more recently, Cerpelli Pompe.

The latter, established in 1904 in Querceta, was originally a leader in the supply of pumps for the shipbuilding industry; then, in the 70s, Cerpelli also entered the Oil&Gas field.

The integration of those companies within Finder Pompe has actually allowed to enlarge the offered range of products, to enter new markets and to develop a more dynamic company culture, more and more prepared to meet market needs.

Finder greatly invests in R&D and in technical expertise because it believes that new products and new state of the art solutions will continue to be the key to success in the years to come.

At the same time, Finder has developed a strong quality control department, to ensure that all the products are manufactured according to rigid quality standards.

The sales network of Finder extends to all continents, and covers over 75 Countries through local agents and distributors: it allows Finder to follow the requests and the needs of the customers swiftly, and to maintain a direct contact with them constantly. This network is supported by an aftermarket sales and service department which has also the responsibility of the spare parts sales.

Dover Corporation and all of its companies are committed to the highest ethical standards and to conducting business with the highest level of integrity. You can access our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics as well as other documents related to ethical matters through the Download menu.

Finder’s headquarters and manufacturing facility are based in Merate, Italy